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uPVC double glazed Doors

Yes! Our upvc doors come double glazed to enhance your draft free, comfortable and cozy environment

Double Glazed uPVC Doors in Melbourne

You will feel the significant difference in comparison with your old doors. The new uPVC ones will serve you with a clean look, lower your energy bills by saving it inside the place and prevent you from drafts. Feel the change in your life level with our European-made frames with reliable hardware.

We can also add a pet door to our product to make the little ones feel more comfortable while you enjoy your new double glazed doors
Multiple locking points
Our doors are draughts free and are locking in multiple point to prevent any drafts
Cat/Doggy door friendly
You pets will have their entrance to your house through the little cat/dog door
Rust and rot
Your double glazed door will stay white for years due to our European quality uPVC
Advantages and technical information
Noise reduction
Combination of different thickness glass help make our products 100% draughts free and bring down the noise level to 80%
Our 60 mm uPVC are also reinforced with galvanized steel that will serve you will additional security and keeping your place in the same microclimate
Low maintenance
No need to sand or paint your upvc doors. The only thing you will have to do is to oil the metal parts when it is needed
Meets Australian Standards
We respect and follow Australian standards so we can reassure our customers that our products are safe to the environment
Our frames maintain the same white color due to the use of Titanium dioxide
upvc double glazed doors melbourne
Energy efficiency
Spend less money on heating and cooling while enjoying the benefits of a quiet, draught free, comfortable environment
Quality German hardware
We use Roto NT – German quality hardware that is prepared to go above 20000 operating cycles
Superior heat/cold insulation
Our double glazed doors keep the same temperature in your room due to their Low-E glass option
We make our products with the consensus with your requirements so you are able to choose any color to make a perfect fit
Automatic door closers are available
All french and entry/balcony doors can easily be fitted with quality German automatic door closers by Geze. Please inquire.
Coloring options
We are proudly making frames of any color to satisfy the needs of or clients
Choose any you need and we will make double glazed doors according to your design. Also that lamination or colour coating option can be applied to one side only. Therefore, your doors can look any colour you want on the outside while stay fresh white on the inside
Or we can make your uPVC doors look like they are made from wood
A few of our upvc Double Glazed Doors
Alex and Vladimir provided great service and deal in a fantastic product. The windows and doors were installed professionally providing a euro style look that I was after.
Kingsville, Scott
Six Simple Steps to your new uPVC Doors
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Fast manufacturing
We aim to manufacture and install your upvc doors within 8-12 weeks from the date deposit is received
Free delivery
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Professional installation
Multiple professional installation teams who take pride in what they do
Internal/External Decoration
Internal (plastering and painting) and external (caulking) decorative work to make sure all our customers are left with a brand new look and feel
Payment Options
We accept credit card payments with 0% surcharge
Mortgage top up
Mortgage top up
You can take advantage of the equity portion of your property to pay for your new double glazed doors. This option allows you to increase you property value and quality of life without digging into your savings.

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uPVC Double Glazed Doors FAQ
What is upvc?
Upvc is an abbreviator of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is a modern material that possesses qualities which make it one of the best materials for doors production. On thermal properties, upvc is highly outperforming other materials that are used in door manufacturing like wood, aluminium, or steel.

That is why doors that are made of this material poses distinguishingly high thermal effectiveness. Except this upvc are waterproof and this means that upvc doors don't need any additional protection against moisture.
Are upvc doors safe enough to use them as front doors?
Yes, upvc doors outperform old-fashioned wooden doors completely in terms of security. Upvc doors could be easily equipped with wide variety of locks that will increase their security. Double glazed doors contain galvanized steel in their construction that provides additional protection against breaking in or any other tries to open these doors by force.
Will double glazed doors enhance cooling/heating effectiveness of a house?
Yes, absolutely. The insulation is one of the greatest advantages of upvc double glazed doors. Due to the construction, they provide excellent thermal effectiveness that will reduce your heating bills during the cold seasons. Except that, double glazed doors are very effective in drafts prevention and noise reduction. It is needed to mention that on noise reduction upvc doors are much better than wooden doors. The low noise level will increase comfort of your house.
Are upvc doors vulnerable to the fire?
As any other material that is used in house building upvc had been tested on flame resistance. This test had shown upvc's efficiency against the impact of a fire. Upvc doors are fire safe and approved for use in building industry.

Unlike wooden windows and doors uPVC ones have a very low chance of ignition. You can feel protected from fire because fire safety will be provided to you.
What is the price rate on upvc doors?
Upvc doors are the most affordable on the market, they are even cheaper than old-fashioned wooden doors. In contrast to wooden and aluminum analogs uPVS ones are inexpensive. Upvc double glazed doors are the best option considering price-quality ratio.
Stylish décor
The uPVC doors are also a modern and stylish decor element for your house. There are a lot different styles. We recommend you to read more about our French doors and Sliding doors