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Why Melburnians replace their windows

The house is cold in winter and heats up in summer…

Single glazed windows can be responsible for up to 35-40% heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. Juts think about it, more than a third of your electricity bill comes from poor windows!
My windows are not working properly, they are rusty / started to rot…

Aluminium windows often start to rust while timber windows rot with time. They require constant maintenance, otherwise they no longer function properly. Furthermore, cheap windows are not designed to last long so unfortunately people get what they paid for.
It’s too loud, I can hear everything from the street…

Cheap single glazed windows allow a lot of street noise in, including road traffic, loud neighbours, road works etc.
The glass is so thin, I don’t feel safe for my kids…

The old windows still have 3mm glass in them, which is very fragile and can easily crack under pressure causing serious injuries. It is illegal to install 3mm glass any more.
The room feels damp, I get a lot of condensation every morning…

Since single glazed windows allow a lot of heat to escape at night, your windows get condensation on the glass. It creates unhealthy environment where mould starts to grow.

What Windows to choose?

When you come to a decision to replace your windows, the best solution on the market is our our uPVC Double or Triple glazed uPVC windows. They address all of the above concerns making them the go to choice.

The whole Europe, Canada and America replaced their old windows with uPVC double glazed windows over three decades ago. Below are the reasons why you would need to replace your windows with Windows Republic uPVC double glazed ones:

Thermal efficiency

The uPVC material is the top choice around the world when it comes to windows. Try sitting on a metal chair in a café on a cold Saturday morning as opposed to a plastic chair to feel the difference.

Furthermore, our windows are double glazed by default with Low-E glass and argon gas as standard, which offer exceptional thermal insulating qualities.

The multiple locking hardware ensures that you don't get that "wabbly" feeling you get with the wind out windows. Our windows seal all around the sash tight and secure.


Condensation on the glass is simply a sign of poor insulation qualities of your old window. A lot of heat escapes through thin glass in winter, causing moisture to accumulate on the glass.

Our classic product offering comes in double glazed configuration with Low-E glass and Argon gas as standard. The u-value for the classic offer starts at 1.6, which guarantees your windows to be condensation free. Please note that the argon gas is sealed within each IGU (insulated glass unit) and is non-toxic in case a glass gets broken.


Our windows consist of 70mm multiple chambered uPVC profile designed to keep the noise out. We offer various glass configurations ranging from double and triple glazed ones to laminated double glazed IGUs (insulated glass units).

Furthermore, proper installation is a big factor to the noise reduction qualities of your new windows. Your new frames get foamed all around followed by professional caulking, which eliminates any pathways for the noise to get through.


All our products comply with Australian Standard (AS 2047) and are safe to use. We can offer either toughened or laminated glass in the areas which require extra safety.

The uPVC material does not discolour nor emit any toxic material when heated. Neither does it support combustion.


uPVC doesn't rust, nor rot, and lasts virtually a lifetime. Clever design coupled with top quality German hardware by SIEGENIA will guarantee your windows will last years to come.

Windows Republic offers 10 year guarantee as standard for your peace of mind.

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