5 Signs You Need A Window Repair Or Replacement

A broken window can’t be ignored. You can get away with leaving it for a while, but the consequences will soon catch up with you. After all, windows account for 25-30% of residential energy consumption. So, to keep costs low and maintain optimal temperatures, they must be in good working order!

So, here are five indicators that you want new window glass installation or repairs.

1. Water leaks and window jams

Do you find it difficult to open and close your window daily? It’s possible that a broken window is due to a mechanical issue, or it could be that you require glass replacement. Mould and rust are two additional elements that might exacerbate the problem. 

And if you push it down too hard, it will become a more immediate problem to resolve! So, take care of the problem now before it gets any worse.

Leaks are a clear indication that your window is broken. You should contact a window glass repair company if water is coming in through your window. A few drops might not worry you, but a storm could swing through leaving mould and damage in its wake. Now is the time to act. 

2. You frequently feel a draught

Finding a draught can be difficult. However, if you keep adjusting the temperature in your home and still feel no change, it’s possible your windows are to blame. 

A professional glass repair business will come out and give you advice. You may only need one window repaired, or you may require double glazed windows to compensate for the cold. A window replacement process is made easy with Windows Republic. Double Glazed windows are our game and whether you need an upgrade or replacement of existing double glazing, we can help you put an end to any annoying draughts. 

3. Unusually expensive utility bills

Your bills may rise before your windows exhibit indications of wear and tear. High utility expenses are frequently caused by broken windows.

Always keep an eye on your windows and doors for any cracks if you notice an incline in your heating bill. Of course, you should always check with your energy provider for any price increase. However, months of high expenses with no apparent explanation usually indicate a problem with your windows. 

Older windows, especially those over fifteen years old, are less energy efficient. A glass repair service and new double glazed windows would be beneficial for you. Call a professional if you’re not sure how old the windows are.

4. Condensation and mould

It’s expected that there will be some fog on the window. However, if it appears on your windows a lot or you notice moisture between the panes, you have a problem. So, instead of sketching happy faces, call a repair service! 

The condensation is caused by the window no longer keeping the cold air out. The window seals may be broken, or a simple glass repair is required. However, using an energy-efficient glass installation service may be more cost-effective. 

Mould growth indicates that your windows aren’t keeping moisture out. Mould isn’t only unsightly. It has serious health repercussions and will return unless your windows are repaired.

5. Visible damage

Cracks are strong proof that it’s time to call for glass repair or replacement. Windows that are rotten, unclean, or damaged should also be examined. 

Do not hesitate to contact a professional. The greatest glass repair service will always be upfront with you about what you require. For example, you might need a basic glass repair, new seals, or weatherstripping. 

You might also require the installation of new windows. The investment will be worthwhile, and you will be able to avoid hiring a glass repair service frequently. 

There are now a variety of window styles to choose from to suit your preferences. It’s the ideal moment to renovate, especially if your windows haven’t changed since you moved in ten years ago!

Double glazed windows  approved and loved

If you discover one of the symptoms that your windows need to be repaired or replaced, act quickly! Damage can grow over time, affecting utility bills and the environment in your house. 

The good news is that many glass repair and installation options are available and here at  Windows Republic we have all your window needs covered.

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