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Windows Republic started off as a uPVC windows importer and installer for the growing Melbourne market. We’ve put our heart and soul into the business and customers loved what we do and we grew rapidly as a result. Eventually, as a logical development step, Windows Republic moved the production line ashore to Australia.

We have purchased brand new, high tech equipment from one of the leading European manufacturers to deliver high quality windows and doors to Australian households.

Windows Republic

What we value

We genuinely believe that the future of double glazed thermally efficient windows manufacturing business lies with local manufacturers for the reasons listed below. Every point highlighted is based on our own experience, which we are happy to share with you to help your decision-making process.

We truly hope that you can share our passion for sustainable, clean and energy efficient future!


We have invested a lot of money into testing our products for Australian standards compliance. Every sample was taken to a NATA accredited laboratory for series of tests in order to meet the standards.

Windows Republic manufactures double glazed windows and doors from profiles and hardware suppliers represented on Australian market. It implies that all the components are fully compliant with Australian standards and are always in stock locally.


Why would you want to wait for several months until your new windows arrive from another continent? The rules of the game are changing and people want the service they paid for to be performed in the quickest and the most efficient way.

Windows Republic works on a state of the art production line, located in Melbourne to manufacture your windows and doors within a couple of weeks, NOT MONTHS!


Windows and doors are a highly customisable product and it is essential that employees are familiar with the local industry standards and expectations. Overseas manufacturers only manufacture according to the specifications given to them, without proper understanding of the market their product will be used. As a result, many important quality control checks might be overlooked or not addressed.

Windows Republic team on the other hand has extensive local market knowledge and takes quality control to the next level. We constantly check machinery, welding joints, end milling and other technical aspects of the windows production to make sure that we deliver a perfect product to the end customer.


If manufactured overseas, your windows and doors have to travel half of the way across the world to reach Australia. It is too much of an inefficient and expensive way of transporting goods internationally. There are multiple freight companies handling your product, adding to the carbon footprint in every step of the process. Local manufacturing eliminates all the unnecessary steps, minimising waste and cutting CO2 emissions to a minimum.

We take sustainability seriously and constantly implement lean and clean business practices to walk the talk. We are a member of Vinyl Council of Australia, aiming at advancing sustainability in the industry. All our offcuts are sorted during production and is getting sustainably recycled. We are always researching at how we can make our business leaner and more efficient.


Windows Republic is a proud supporter of Royal Flying Doctor. Every customer helps us give back to the community.


uPVC profile must have the right formulae in the mix to stay white under Australian sun. A lot of importers from Europe, England and China have their windows made from uPVC, which is not designed to withstand harsh Australian sun and high UV radiation.

There is no guarantee that the windows will stay white nor structurally sound after a few years. There is no legal requirement to provide such certificate.


Just imagine the way your windows have to travel from an overseas factory to your doorstep, before they even get installed? How many different people have handled your windows? How confident are you that every person in the supply chain took great care when handling your windows?

Windows Republic manufactures windows locally and they only have to travel a few kilometres from our factory in Mordialloc to your doorstep. People who work at our factory and the rest of our team take pride in the work they do, hence your windows are well looked after the moment they are being loaded onto a truck, till the moment they arrive on site.


Windows Republic works with local uPVC profile and hardware distributers. All the components that we use in our windows are compliant with Australian Standards. The hardware (which is directly responsible for the longevity of your doors and windows) is corrosion proof and was specifically developed for costal countries.

The profile is UV resistant, designed to stay robust and keep the colour under the Australian sun. All of our partners have high stock of all the necessary components, which guarantees an uninterrupted production schedule.


You have already waited for your windows long enough to arrive from another country. At every stage of the journey they are handled by different people, often those who know very little about windows and how they must be handled. Furthermore, people aren't robots and tend to make mistakes and errors. Imagine if someone drops your window and cracks the frame? Or a size is incorrect? Are you prepared to wait for a few more months until the replacement window arrives? Can you afford to wait, especially if it is a new build scenario when certain construction stages can only commence after windows are installed?

Windows Republic on the other hand can rectify any mistake in a matter of hours. If your windows are damaged on site, we can push an urgent order through and get the replacement window manufactured over night!


Windows Republic is a certified Australian Manufacturer. Our dedicated team of professional’s work on high tech European CNC machines located in our Mordialloc (Victoria) Manufacturing Facility. The future of our economy depends on developing local talent and creating highly productive professionals.

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Why order with Windows Republic?

Windows Republic

We are a local manufacturer with quick lead times

Windows Republic

We work on a high tech European manufacturing line to guarantee top quality product

Windows Republic

We fabricate from a UV stabilized profile approved for the Australian sun

Windows Republic

We use corrosion resistant hardware to guarantee continues performance

Windows Republic

We have in house installers with hundreds of successful projects around Victoria

Windows Republic

We offer continuous after sale support for your peace of mind

Windows Republic

Best cost/benefit ratio on the market

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Our showroom is nice and central for you to view the product samples. You can also enjoy a quality cup of coffee made in our cozy and friendly location.

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