Sliding Doors Melbourne: Sliding Doors & Doors Sliding

Sliding doors are an excellent option for those looking to make their Melbourne homes more stylish and efficient.

Standard sliding doors consist of two sliding panels that move along a track, allowing you to open and close your door easily.

Whether you’re looking to increase the amount of natural light in your home or create better outdoor access, standard sliding doors provide practical solutions that look great too.

Standard sliding doors look modern and chic and offer a range of benefits; they require less space than traditional hinged doors, making them ideal for smaller spaces or awkward corners.

They also provide improved sound insulation compared to common door types; no more slamming or creaking as you go about your day!

Sliding Doors Melbourne
Sliding Doors Melbourne

Classic slider


A – Monorail system with 1 fixed panel and 1 slider
B –Double rail system with 2 sliders
C –
Triple rail system with 3 sliders
PROFILE 70mm multiple chambered uPVC frame
MECHANISM Roller type sliding, easy to clean
HANDLE Key lockable double handle or one sided handle
SECURITY Vertical with in-frame locking point
EASE OF USE Effortless sliding left and right

Premium lift and slide

PROFILE 170mm multiple chambered uPVC frame
MECHANISMRoller type sliding, easy to clean
HANDLEKey lockable double
SECURITYVertical in frame locking points
EASE OF USEEffortless sliding left and right

Extra features available for Lift and Slide doors only

  • Lift and slide mechanism for better insulation qualities
  • Stronger and wider uPVC frame to reach lager sizes
  • Stronger wheels to carry larger glass panes
  • Ability to lock at any open position
Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


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Why Standard Sliding Doors with Windows Republic?

Windows Republic

We are a local manufacturer with quick completion times for sliding doors timber

Windows Republic

We work on a high tech European manufacturing line to guarantee top quality product

Windows Republic

We fabricate from a UV stabilized profile approved for the Australian sun

Windows Republic

We use corrosion resistant hardware to guarantee continues performance

Windows Republic

We have in house installers with hundreds of successful projects around Victoria

Windows Republic

We offer continuous after sale support for your peace of mind

Windows Republic

Best cost/benefit ratio on the market for the doors aluminium sliding

Advantages Of Sliding Doors?

They can be installed instead of your conventional sliding doors or in place of the French doors. Windows Republic have even made doors out of windows for peoples kitchens and bedrooms.

Sliding doors doors like any our product can come with various glass configurations to provide ultimate noise reduction results

We can supply double glazed units with pet door hole cut out.

The Sliding Door Range is one of the most popular options for stylish and modern doors. This range provides boutique aluminium sliding door solutions for any home or office.

With its sleek, slimline design and smooth operation, it is no surprise that the Sliding Door Range has become so popular in recent years.

Created using only aluminium, the Sliding Door Range offers superior strength and security without compromising quality.

The doors are designed to be both stylish and practical – they not only look great but also provide a space-saving solution as they do not require extra room to open or close.

Furthermore, these doors melbourne are incredibly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions due to their strong construction using high-grade materials.

Aluminium sliding doors offer many advantages to those looking to add doorways to their homes or businesses. They are an increasingly popular choice for anyone who needs to install a modern, stylish and robust solution that adds functionality and flexibility to any space.

Sliding doors made from aluminium offer several benefits over traditional materials such as timber or PVC. The main advantage is the lightweight nature of the product, which makes it easier to install without requiring additional reinforcement in the frame structure to accommodate the added weight of heavier door material.

Aluminium also provides superior weather protection due to its long-lasting durability and resistance against rusting or corrosion.

Furthermore, these doors are straightforward to clean and maintain, meaning you won’t need specialised cleaning products or expensive professional maintenance services.

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