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A perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living. Thermal efficiency, top acoustic insulation properties, and high security. No more painting or staining aluminium, rattling noise from constant drafts with your regular doors. Our uPVC doors are completely draft-free, with tight seals around the whole frame. Contact us to learn more about our french doors melbourne services in the link below. There is a reason we are Melbourne’s premier timber sliding doors service.

French Doors Melbourne

French Timber Doors Configurations

  • Double and triple glazed configurations available for your home
  • Decorative panels for entry doors and windows doors period
  • Steel reinforced both the door and the frame
  • Draft free design with double seal with these doors architectural windows
  • Double handle with key lock for security
  • Flat aluminum bottom threshold eliminating tripping hazard
  • In-frame locking points foe extra security and tighter seal
  • Inwards and outwards openings available

French Doors Styles available

Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Sliding Doors Melbourne


Design series

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Why order Doors Melbourne Products Windows Republic?

Windows Republic

We are a local Melbourne, Au manufacturer with quick lead times

Windows Republic

We work on a high tech European manufacturing line to guarantee top quality product

Windows Republic

We fabricate from a UV stabilized profile approved for the Australian sun

Windows Republic

We use corrosion resistant hardware to guarantee continues performance

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We have in house installers with hundreds of successful projects around Victoria

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We offer continuous after sale support for your peace of mind

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Best cost/benefit ratio on the market for timber doors door

Advantages of UPVc windows

French doors are referred to as a set of one or two swinging doors. They can open either inwards or outwards. Different styles are available as well as a colonial look for those who want to preserve the old Victorian style and feel.

French doors come with a clever locking mechanism around the frame which seals the door after the handle is pushed up. Similar hardware is installed in Tilt and Turn windows. Furthermore, French doors come with a proper key lock.

French doors can be bi or triple glazed or with designer panels instead of glass. We even install awning that are hung over your window or doors.

Our French doors are a popular choice for apartments, balconies, back yards and laundries; no matter the size of your property. Since all doors are custom made, we never have problems when dealing with body corporates.

We can supply French Doors with acoustic glass configuration, which is a top performer in noise reduction. French doors have strong steel reinforced frames and the clever hardware prevents any drafts hence stop noise penetration from neighbours’ for example.

French timber doors are a great way to add elegance and sophistication to any home.

The unique design of these doors can help make a home look more expensive and luxurious while also providing the necessary protection for keeping your family safe.

Doors timber french are made from high-quality wood materials, which makes them extremely durable. They can withstand years of use without requiring much maintenance or repairs.

In addition to looking beautiful, French timber doors also have many other benefits. They provide excellent insulation against heat and noise, helping keep your home comfortable all year round.

They are also typically straightforward to maintain with regular cleaning and oiling of the wood panels; this helps preserve their luster for more extended periods.

Timber doors have been a popular choice for homeowners for centuries. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer excellent insulation and durability. Timber doors provide an ideal solution for those looking to bring natural beauty and charm into their home.

From classic hinged designs to modern sliding doors timber, a wide range of timber door styles is available on the market. Sliding timber doors can be used as an entrance or even within partition walls to break up large rooms into smaller spaces. With their smooth running track system, these sleek and stylish doors are perfect for creating a contemporary look in any living space.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or contemporary, timber doors offer timeless appeal and endless possibilities for the home.

Visit Our Melbourne Showroom For French Glass Glazed Designs

Our showroom is nice and central for you to view our double glazed product samples. You can also enjoy a quality cup of coffee made in our cozy and friendly location. Contact us to learn more about our double glazed doors and louvre windows doors installation. We do more than installing doors. We also install different types of timber (single or bi fold).

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