What Materials Do You Need To Double Glaze Windows?

Double glazing windows is no easy business. It’s best accomplished with help from a professional. Whether you’re embarking on a DIY project, having a double glazed window installed or hiring a professional to turn your single glazed windows into double glazed windows, certain materials should be used in the process.

Tools needed for double glazing

Working with glass is difficult, but having the correct equipment makes it more manageable. We have put together a list of the tools we find most useful, particularly when dealing with larger windows. We recommend that you consult with a double glazed window installation professional and seek advice or services before beginning any job.

Suction cups

Lifting windows into place is made safer and easier using suction cups. Most professionals will utilise these when installing double glazed windows or glazing existing windows. You can also buy these to do the task yourself.


Quality gardening gloves are a wise investment when removing or lifting large or small panes of glass. It’s worth it to spend a bit more money on robust and flexible gloves as the importance of safety cannot be overstated.

Putty knife

When attempting to remove glass without breaking it, these are necessary. It is critical to obtain a set that’s as thin as possible but be cautious not to cut yourself on the knife’s edge.

Mitre Box

A mitre box is a woodworking tool that guides a hand saw to make precise cuts, most commonly 45° mitre cuts. Traditional mitre boxes are constructed of wood and have a simple design, whereas adjustable mitre boxes are made of metal and can be changed to cut at any angle between 45° and 90°. This is necessary to ensure that the beading is cut at the precise angle and joins smoothly. A drop saw with a fine blade is a superior solution, although it is more expensive.


A strong, sharp chisel is highly useful for removing wooden beading and cleaning away the silicone residues when removing any old glass. To remove silicone from the frame, you can also use a scraper.


A router is a power tool with a flat base and a spinning blade extending past it. This is only required if the window frame needs to be widened or deepened. A lightweight router is perfect for a window project. You can also utilise a router guide, which isn’t strictly necessary but can be helpful in some situations.

Tri-quad beading

This is the best beading material for holding the window in place. It’s easy to cut, nail, or screw into place, and it looks great. It’s preferable to paint it first and then touch it up later.

Capping materials

The 30 mm wide, 6 mm thick round edged capping is most suitable where the window extends beyond the frame (usually just for wind out windows). Instead of pine, Tasmanian oak is the finest choice. It’s preferable to paint it before putting it up and then touch it up later.

Cleaning up

The best technique to remove silicon from windows is with methylated spirits and a paper towel. Make sure you do it within 5 hours of the windows being installed. It will also clean the glass of any excess black sealer.

The second pane or double glazed window

A double glaze window consists of a vacuumed air gap between two panes of glass that produces an insulated barrier. Double-glazed window glass is laminated or tinted but otherwise is identical to single glazed window glass.

If you’re not building or renovating it is possible to retrofit secondary glazing to your existing windows. An additional pane of glass can be incorporated into your current frame or added using magnetic strips to your existing windows. This is frequently a more cost-effective choice than double glazing. Plus, depending on the type you choose and your capacity to create an air gap between the glass, you might be able to get the same benefits as double-glazed windows.

If you’re replacing a single-glazed window with a double-glazed one, you’ll need the double-glazed glass. Professional assistance is strongly recommended for this procedure.

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