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Triple Glazed Antinoise Windows

Achieve remarkable 70% noise reduction with our
Triple Glazed Antinoise windows

Triple Glazed Windows in Melbourne

Our award winning Triple Glazed Anti-Noise window system with Low-E glass.

Receive the highest level of insulation that Windows Republic has to offer with our Triple Glazed windows. Using the perfect combination of gaps in the glass, chambers in the frame, and low-e glass; you are able to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Triple glazing works by reflecting the heat and solar energy in summer, and retaining the heat in winter. Not only do you receive remarkable energy savings and a high level of comfort, triple glazing also works to keep the noise out. With our triple glazed system you will receive up to 70% noise reduction; perfect if you live in the city or near train lines.
Noise reduction
Up to 70% noise reduction due to the multi-chambered frame, and our Anti-Noise triple glazed glass unit.
Triple Glazed Glass Unit
4mm Glass x 12mm Argon Gas x 4mm Low-E Glass x 12mm Argon Gas x 4mm Glass unit from Guardian Industries – leading American and European glass manufacturer.
Energy Efficiency
Impressive U-value of 1.7. Our triple glazed windows should reduce your energy bills by up to 40%
noise reduction windows
How do our triple glazed windows achieve such impressive noise reduction results?
In our unique Triple Glazed Anti-Noise solution we use 3 panes of glass to better block the street noise.

Combining 3 panes of 4mm glass in the rest the triple glazed unit helps to absorb noise better due to the different vibration frequencies.

Unique formula of 3 panes
of 4mm Glass
Triple Glazed Noise Reduction Windows features 12mm gap sizes with argon gas between the glass units.

Noise reduction is best achieved when the street noise travels through different environments and gets broken down by each glass unit and air gap.
Different air gaps inbetween the glass
Our steel reinforced uPVC profile with multiple chambers reflects most of the street noise back and offers superior noise reduction qualities.

Air filled chambers break down the rest of the noise, making your home sound like a quiet library
A-grade steel reinforced profile with 4 clambers
Glass Configuration - The clever combination of the above factors offers one of the best noise reduction solutions on the market today
Effective blocking of incoming sound waves
Advantages and technical information
Noise reduction
Triple glazed IGU configuration offers outstanding noise reduction qualities. Ideal choice for those looking for a quiet environment at home.
Our triple glazed Anti-Noise windows have up to 13 locking points around the frame, making it almost impossible to break in from the outside. Conventional windows come with 0 locking points and can be opened within 2 minutes with a chisel and a hammer.
Maintenance Free
Double and triple glazed uPVC products became the number one choice for residential homes throughout Europe. This is due to its durability, resistance, and extremely low level of mainttance.
Australian Standards
All our triple glazed windows and doors comply with Australian standards and regulations.
Resistance to sun
Our uPVC frames have been tested in a laboratory in Queensland for UV radiation exposure performance and stayed well within prescribed limits.
triple glazed windows melbourne
Reduces power bills
Triple Glazed Anti-Noise windows with Low-E glass will slash your electricity bills by up to 40%. Save on heating in winter and cooling in summer.
German Hardware
At the heart of our Triple Glazed Anti-Noise windows with Low-E glass is a German hardware made by SIEGENIA – one of the top performing windows hardware systems in the world.
All our triple glazed windows are custom made to fit your individual design aspirations. We can replicate the original look or offer you alternative design solutions.
Thermal performance
Windows Republic's triple glazed Anti-Noise windows with Low-E glass will deliver exceptional thermal insulation with a U-value of only 1.7
Fly screens
All our triple glazed windows come with fly screens as standard, which get fixed outside of the frame without compromising any internal space.
Triple Glazed Windows vs. add on double glazing
Windows Republic
Triple Glazed Windows Antinoise
Standard add-on
Secondary glazing
Brand new windows and feel
Not compromising on internal space
Visually beautiful solution
Custom made frames
Easy to clean and maintain
Mix and match colours
FREE fly screens
We can make your Triple Glazed windows look like they are made from wood
A few of our Triple Glazed Windows
I've had triple glazed windows installed in my apartment for better insulation and to help block out the noise from a busy road. The triple glazed windows have made a significant difference in noise reduction and now I can finally get a proper sleep at night!

Alex and his team worked to match the colour of the frames to match the frames of the other apartments to meet Body Corporate requirements and were professional and very efficient throughout the project, working seven days a week to get the project completed.

The blinds on the windows are fantastic as are the fly-screens. I'm so happy to have finally installed my new windows and I'm so glad that I chose Windows Republic to install them. I couldn't recommend Windows Republic highly enough - thank you!
Brunswick, Siobhan
Six Simple Steps to your new Triple Glazed Windows
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Fast manufacturing
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Mortgage top up
Mortgage top up
You can take advantage of the equity portion of your property to pay for your new triple glazed windows. This option allows you to increase you property value and quality of life without digging into your savings.

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Triple Glazed Windows FAQ
What's the best option for soundproofing your home?
A lot of street noise comes from single glass in your conventional frames as well as through thin aluminium frames. Windows Republic offers top of the range triple glazed antinoise IGUs (insulated glass units) for outstanding noise reduction qualities.

We also remove your old frames and install with our 60mm thick steel reinforced frames with multiple chambers to further enhance noise reducing characteristics. All gaps and are filled with expanding foam which is them caulked for waterproofing and one more extra layer of noise resisting material. After our windows are installed, the noise reduction can be reduced by up to 70%
The difference between triple glazed and double glazed windows?
Tripple Glazed antinoise widnows offer extra layer of 5mm glass and extra space between the glass panels. It is an extra 2 layers of resistance for the noise to travel through. Since the glass and the air gap resonate differently, put together they break down the sound waves even more effectively
How do noise reduction windows work?
Windows Republic Triple Glazed windows make use of the clever glass and air gap combination. Such combination breaks down incoming sound waves as they pass through the glass and air gap barriers. Multiple locking system seals your windows 5 times better than your conventional preventing any drafts hence noise travelling through.

Steel reinforced uPVC profile with multiple chambers acts as another barrier for street nose. Finally, professional installation by our experienced team would ensure that you will get the most out of your Triple Glazed Aninoise windows
How much noise do triple glazed windows stop?
No windows can make your home sound proof. Furthermore, the source of noise, its proximity to the window, thickness of your walls etc are all the factors that contribute towards how much noise our windows can block. In normal conditions, our triple glazed antinoise windows can offer up to 70% noise reduction
How much do triple glazed windows cost?
The price difference between double glazed and triple glazed antinoise windows is around 15-20%. Also, with our 5% price beat guarantee you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal on the market today