How Double Glazed Windows Reduce Noise

Sometimes the four walls we call home aren’t enough to protect us from outside noise, and the culprit might be your windows. Single glazed windows provide little in the way of protection or soundproofing; thankfully, you can help reduce excess noise by installing double glazed windows instead.

Double glazed windows provide noise reduction that can make your home a quieter and more relaxing space. However, the exact amount of noise double glazed windows can block does depend on a few things. Let’s have a closer look at how double glazed windows work to reduce noise.

How does it work?

There’s a little bit of science involved to understand better how double glazed windows can reduce noise. Sound travels in the way of a pressure wave. When the wave hits a single glazed window, it vibrates the glass, which vibrates the air on the inside of the window. This vibration is what carries the sound to your ears. 

Double glazed windows provide insulation that softens sound vibrations. Instead of having a single pane of glass, double glazed windows have two panes that are separated by a space filled with gas or air. When a sound wave reaches a double glazed window, it has to make it through different chambers before it can get inside. 

By the time the sound gets to you, it’s much quieter and softer. 

How much sound does it block?

The amount of sound your double glazed windows can reduce depends on the type of window you get. A regular double glazed window has two 3mm panes separated by a 6mm gap. If this gap is wider, you can reduce outside noise even more. 

It also depends on how well your windows have been installed. For example, all our windows are made from 70mm multiple chambered uPVC designed to keep noise out. Plus, when installed, your frames will be foamed all around and professionally caulked to help eliminate pathways for noise to get through. 

However, if you live on a main road or a very busy street, you’ll see better results with triple glazed windows or acoustic glass windows. 

Difference between soundproof and noise reduction 

It’s crucial to understand that double glazed windows aren’t soundproof. They help reduce noise and the amount of sound that makes its way into your home, but they won’t block out everything. You will still hear the most common sounds such as street noise, rain and the like from inside your home. They will be significantly quieter with double glazed than with single glazed windows. 

Be careful of companies promising 100% soundproof double glazed windows, as there’s a decent chance they might be overselling their product. 

How double glazed windows can benefit you

Outside noise can sometimes affect how you feel in your home and also have a hand in your sleep, your at-home stress levels and how much you feel at home in your living environment. Double glazed windows can help ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep, alleviate stress and work towards creating a comfortable living environment. 

Simply by keeping out that extra noise, all this is possible. 

Invest in double glazed windows

When you choose double glazed windows, you’re choosing protection from excess street noise, among many other benefits such as saving energy, moisture reduction and better temperature control. Windows Republic offers a great range of styles and designs for you to choose from that can suit your home. 

Are you looking to make the best choice you can for your home to upgrade to double glazed windows? Windows Republic is here to help. Contact us today for a free measure and quote.

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