How To Clean And Take Care Of Your Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are an energy-efficient alternative to single glazed windows, a great money and energy-saving addition to any home. 

Among many of their advantages double glazed windows help to reduce condensation, mould and noise, not to mention their great thermal efficiency. All this does come at a bit of a cost, which is why once you’ve installed your windows, you’ll want to look after them.

The big question is whether double glazed windows need any special care compared to other windows? This can depend on the condition the window’s in and what the problem might be.

Cleaning double glazed windows

Double glazed windows are made using two pieces of glass which are separated by a gap, the gap is sealed and acts as a break between the inside and outside pieces of glass. 

If your windows are in good shape, you shouldn’t have any problems with marks or condensation inside the two panes of glass. The seal is tight enough that no dirt, dust or moisture should make its way between the two panes. 

In this instance cleaning is relatively easy and similar to how you would clean any other window:

  • Vacuum around the window frame and use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or grime
  • Use a solution of warm water, vinegar and maybe a dash of dishwashing detergent and wash the glass with a soft cloth 
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush to get into those hard to reach corners
  • Buff the windows with scrunched up newspaper or a squeegee with a window-cleaning strip for a streak-free finish.

Dealing with condensation between double glazed windows

If the seal between the two panes is broken, even just a little, you will most likely notice the window getting dirty or wet on the inside. Any kind of dirt or debris getting in can cause your beautiful double glazed windows to look like a mess. 

Cleaning the inside of your double glazed window is tricky busy and near impossible to do with just a cloth, unless the window is pulled apart which is something we do not recommend. 

It’s always best to speak with a professional glazier to get their advice. Windows Republic offers a great window replacement service to instal our uPVC windows, that can withstand the harsh weathers that can cause damage to your windows. 

For anyone with a skilled hand you might be able to try some DIY fixes that can work as an interim solution while you wait to have the window properly fixed or replaced. You can:

  • Drill holes in the glass to insert a moisture absorber (which you can find at most local hardware stores)
  • Thread panty-hose or something similar through a hole to try and wipe the area clean
  • Drill some holes and blow a fan on the window

If you do choose to go down any of these paths you will need to have your window replaced eventually, as they can damage the window’s thermal integrity. 

Final care tips

There are some minor things you can do to keep your windows looking good, such as making sure you’re wiping your windows of any excess dust and dirt with water and vinegar or some type of window washing liquid. Keep away from creams containing abrasive pastes and steel wool or razors for stubborn marks. 

Take care of your window frames by doing the same, for homes in urban or coastal areas we recommend cleaning your window frames with warm, soapy water or washing liquid every three months. For rural regions, you can get away with cleaning them twice a year. 

The bottom line 

It’s important to care for your double glazed windows because they come at a decent price and because once that seal is broken all the double glazing benefits diminish. We also provide some of the best colonial windows Melbourne has to offer. For more information on double glazed windows or a replacement, quote contact us today.

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