Top benefits of energy-efficient double glazed windows – how does glazing increase energy efficiency

Top 5 benefits of energy efficient double glazed windows- how do double-glazed windows save energy

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Old windows and doors give a below-average performance when it comes to energy efficiency.

In Melbourne, for example, a huge chunk of traditionally built Victorian homes have dismal energy ratings that fall way below the current standards.

While the single-glazed traditional doors and windows might seem charming, they do little to keep your home warm in the thick of winter. According to experts, approximately 40 percent of thermal energy is lost by an Australian home during winter. It happens because an enormous amount of heat transfer takes place through the glass, thus making your Melbourne home or office uncomfortably damp and chilly.

Energy-efficient double glazing is the solution to this issue. Double glazing can make an enormous difference to your energy bills by reducing heat transfer through the window glass, thus ensuring that your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer. This, along with other measures like loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, and an efficient heating system, bring down your annual heating bills drastically.

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Hello there! If you are looking to get double glazed windows installed in your home or commercial property but are confused about how to go about it, we are here to help. In this post, we will tell you all about how double glazed windows save energy. We will give you an insight into the workings of the double glazing technology and guide you through the process of using this technology to save energy.

We specialize in double glazed windows and doors that come equipped with the latest thermal break technology. All our windows have insulated glass units that comprise two to three glass panes with spaces in between to boost insulation further.

 All our double glazed doors and windows excel in achieving a standard thermal efficiency level. The energy efficiency of our windows can be further customized as per your specific requirements. We can also provide an advanced level of thermal efficiency for homeowners or industry projects looking to get an energy rating of 8 stars or above.

Our team of dedicated experts is available round the clock to assist you with any queries concerning energy-efficient double glazed windows and doors.

What is double glazing in windows?

Double glazing technology is used in windows and doors to achieve superior thermal efficiency.

Windows with double glazing have two panes of glass. This double glazed sealed unit is the main component of such a window. It is also known as IGU or insulated glass unit. This double glazed unit is located in a frame of aluminum, timber, or uPVC

The two sheets of glass used in windows with double glazing have a gap in between. This gap is equally crucial from the point of view of enhancing the insulation and energy efficiency of the total window. This air gap is filled with a vacuum or a heavy inert gas such as Xenon, Krypton, or Argon.

The use of double glazing technology leads to extremely energy-efficient windows that provide optimal thermal insulation. These windows minimize the exchange of the air inside and outside, thus retaining warm indoor air during winter and barring the entry of hot air from outside in summer.

Although double glazed windows and doors are not compulsory according to Australian standards, they are your best option if you want your property to be more secure, energy-efficient, and want to block out all sorts of external noises.

How do double glazed windows save energy

Since double glazing window system consists of two glasses, the extra glass acts as an insulator and minimizes heat transfer. The layer of air between the two glass sheets also enhances energy efficiency.

Since this empty space is filled with gases such as xenon, krypton, and argon, the amount of heat lost through the glass unit is drastically reduced. If you use a gas like argon to fill this space, the results are even better. Argon has extremely low conductivity that makes your windows extremely energy efficient. Another advantage of double-glazing in windows and doors is that sound pollution is reduced to a minimum.

The recommended air gap in a double glazed insulated glass unit is between 12-16 mm. That’s why most efficient windows with double glazing have a width of 24 mm, where the two glass units have a width of 4 mm each, and the argon gap width is 16 mm.

In the case of double glazing, the window frame also provides more space for the inclusion of an insulating framework. This framework includes airtight seals along with air chambers. These air pockets are highly beneficial for ensuring energy-efficient windows.

Energy efficient double gazing gets a rating as per its ability to reduce the amount of heat that passes through the windows along with the efficiency of the sunlight to travel through the unit and the efficiency of air to move through the glass unit. Some window manufacturers use this system to highlight the energy efficiency of their windows and doors.

Double glazing with the highest rating is manufactured using low-emissivity glass. This type of glass comes with a coating on the inner surface of one pane. This special coating enables light to pass through while simultaneously facilitating the reflection of heat back indoors.

We are an accredited provider of energy-efficient windows and doors for home and commercial property in Australia. We excel in the manufacturing and installation of windows and door systems incorporating state-of-the-art thermal break technology.

Type of Frame Material used for energy-efficient double-glazing windows

The type of glass used is extremely important when it comes to windows and doors with double glazing. But the type of frame used also matters a lot. The nature of the material used for the window frame plays a huge role in determining the energy efficiency of double glazed windows and doors.

These are the most commonly used materials in a double glazed window frame:

  1. WoodAlthough not as efficient as frames made of other materials, wooden frames are good for preserving the environment and reducing carbon footprint. These frames are used for doors and windows installed within a conservation area. In such an area, rules and regulations demand that only natural and organic materials be used for manufacturing window frames.
  1. uPVC frames – upvc frames are one of the most commonly used frames in manufacturing double-glazed energy-efficient windows and doors.

The upvc windows are highly durable and do not require regular maintenance. It is estimated that upvc frames can last for at least 20 years. Window frames made of this material can also be recycled.

  1. Aluminum framesAluminum frames give a modern and sleek appearance to the doors and windows in one’s home or commercial property. They are the most popular when it comes to energy-efficient windows and doors. Aluminium is a low-impact material that can also be recycled, thus it’s preferred by most people.
  1.  Composite framesComposite frames offer the best amalgamation of utility and environmental sustainability. They have an inner frame covered with plastic or aluminum. It ensures that the window frames stay weatherproof and the need for maintenance generally associated with timber frames is minimized.

Benefits of energy-efficient double-glazing windows and doors

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This is the common question that pops up in the minds of consumers. Why should I choose double glazing window and door system over single glazing? How does it benefit my home or office space?

These are some of the benefits of energy-efficient double glazing:

1.    Optimal energy efficiency

Double glazed windows provide optimal energy efficiency. The double layer of glass, along with the space between the glass units filled with an inert gas or vacuum contributes to improved energy efficiency. If your double-glazed windows and doors are supported by a thermally broken frame, the energy efficiency quotient goes top-notch.

Additionally, if your home contains loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, and a highly superior and top-rated heating system, your energy bills can come down drastically and your home will maintain a comfortable temperature throughout winter.

The improved energy efficiency will help save precious energy and contribute to a greener planet and lower carbon footprint.

2.    Top-notch thermal insulation

Efficient windows with double glazing minimize heat transfer, thus keeping your Australian home or commercial property warm in winter and cool in summer.

The air space between the glass panes in windows and doors with double glazing imparts an additional insulation layer.

In windows with single glazing, the effects of indoor heating get quickly lost as the exchange of inside air and outside air takes place at a fast pace. The insulated glass unit in double glazing increases thermal resistance, thus drastically reducing the amount of hot air that can escape your interiors during the colder months. Similarly, double glazed windows prevent the extreme heat outside from traveling indoors during summer.

3.    Limits Outdoor Noise

Double glazed windows and doors can make an impressive reduction in noise pollution levels.

The double layer of glass helps filter out all kinds of external noises, thus keeping your home and office environment quiet and steady.

The reduced noise pollution levels due to the use of double glazed windows, needless to say, can enhance your productivity and improve your life quality!

4.    Condensation control

Energy-efficient windows and doors help control condensation. The phenomenon of condensation occurs when moist air meets a cold surface. The insulated glass unit in windows with double glazing reduces the risk of condensation to a great extent.

It reduces condensation by enabling the inner glass of doors or windows to retain heat. On the contrary, if you merely use single glazing, the surface temperature of the inner glass pane would be way higher.

However, you must remember that your home must have an efficient heating system for double glazed windows to work effectively and combat condensation.

5.    Security and Safety 

Energy efficient glazed windows make your home or commercial property safer or secure, as you now have a double barrier to secure your property from unwanted entry.

The level of safety and security can be further enhanced by going for laminated glass.

6.    Massive Cost Savings

Energy efficient double glazed windows can make you save a lot of money in the long term.

By ensuring optimal energy efficiency, they reduce the expenditure on maintenance of doors and windows, bring down your heating bills by a considerable degree, and reduce the expenses to repair damage caused by condensation.

Ultimately, the amount of money you can save through the use of energy efficient double glazing will depend on multiple factors – the size of your property, the kind of windows you get installed, and the nature of your energy supplier.

7.    Enhanced Home Value

Buyers are getting increasingly conscious of the eco-credentials of a property before investing in it. It is not uncommon for prospective buyers to enquire of the energy efficiency and sustainability quotient of your home before scheduling a visit.

Going for energy-efficient double glazed doors and windows greatly enhances the value of your home in the Australian property market.

If you go for energy efficient glazed windows with thermal breaks, the value of your home or commercial property can be further enhanced. The thermal barrier between the external and the internal frames of the window minimizes heat transfer and provides optimal insulation, thus enhancing the efficiency of double glazed windows manifold.

Bottom Line

The energy efficiency of windows depends on many factors. Apart from double glazing, the kind of glass you use impacts the quality of insulation provided by a window or door.

If you are looking for maximum heat insulation, you should go for low-emissivity glass or low-E glass double-glazing. If sound insulation is your prime concern, you could opt for laminated glass double glazing. If your home is located near a crowded road, this type of glass is best for your windows.

Finally, you must also know about the u-value of the doors and windows you purchase. The u-value of an energy efficient double glazed window determines its efficiency level. The lower the u-value, the higher the level of efficiency.

We follow a multi-step process for providing our clients with top-quality thermally insulated double glazed windows and doors. First, you contact our team with the details of your requirements to get a specific quote. Once your order is confirmed, we begin the manufacturing process of doors or windows using locally sourced hardware, various ancillary materials, and insulated glass units. Our team of experts then helps you with all installation-related stuff. Finally, we are just a call or email away if you need post-installation support.

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