How to clear misted double glazed windows – tips to remove condensation in windows with double glazing

How to clear misted double glazed windows – fixing condensation in windows with double glazing

how to clean misted windows

Condensation on windows is a common problem. You must have noticed during the colder months that tiny water drops have accumulated on your window frames when you get up in the morning. This is the last thing you want to see after a good night’s rest but a bit of condensation is normal!

The problem strikes when there is too much condensation on your window frames and it starts affecting the indoor air quality of your room and causes dampness everywhere. You can reduce the incidence of condensation by going for double glazed windows. But even with windows incorporating double glazing and triple glazing, there is no guarantee that condensation will go away 100 percent.

The misty gaze that you see accumulated on your double-glazed window panes in the morning can be a source of concern if it’s allowed to accumulate over some time. Too much condensation can lead to the growth of mould that can damage your home furnishings, from carpet to wood to interior insulation.

Hello there! If you are confused about how to fix the problem of condensation in double glazed windows, worry not. We are here to help! In this post, we will tell you all about why this happens, what can you do to prevent condensation from accumulating on windows, and finally, we’ll give you tips on how to clear misted double glazed windows.

Condensation on your window panes occurs when cold air from outside meets the warm glass. This causes water droplets to start accumulating in the corner of the window frame.

You must remember that eliminating condensation is not possible. You can control condensation to a great extent by opting for thermally broken windows, but you can stop it from occurring altogether.

What is important is to clear condensation that accumulates on your windows regularly so that drops don’t begin to drip down the window and damage your home furnishings.

In this post, we will give you an exhaustive range of tips to clear mist from your double-glazed windows. Some of these tips would be DIY, which can be done without expert guidance, while others will need the help of professionals.

If you are facing a consistent problem with condensation, you must consult a seasoned professional from a reputed manufacturer and supplier of double glazed windows.

 If you choose to buy double glazed windows manufactured by us, you get access to quality customer service during all stages, from getting the initial quote to post-installation support. Our seasoned experts are available around the clock to guide you with issues like condensation accumulating on your window frames.

Why is there condensation on my double glazed windows?

Windows with double glazing contain two panes of glass with an air gap sandwiched between the two layers. The dual layer of glass, along with the air gap filled with an inert gas or vacuum helps minimize heat loss from home interiors and ensures effective sound insulation.

Condensation on double glazed windows can be of different kinds. If you see water droplets on the outside glass pane, that’s nothing to worry about. It’s common to have mist accumulating on the outside surface of new windows. This is simply a result of the drastic temperature difference between your house interiors and the air outside. This kind of condensation is rather proof that your double glazed windows are working fine. You can wipe off the mist with a clean cloth regularly. That will suffice.

However, if you see that the mist is developing between the glass panes, that is a source of concern. Misting inside the double glazing unit means that water has made its way into the air gap between the two glass panes.

This kind of misting usually happens when there is an issue with the seals. It means that the double glazing glass seal has broken down or undergone failure.

The seal could be damaged due to several reasons:

  • The window frame has gone old and is in a dilapidated condition.
  • There is some problem with the insulated glass unit right from the manufacturing stage.
  • Perhaps, the window was installed not so professionally. Incorrect installation can also damage the seal of windows with double glazing.
  • Excessive use of chemical cleaning materials can also damage the seal over time.

Whatever the reason is, this kind of problem needs to be fixed.

The solution is to clear misty glaze on your doors and windows regularly to keep them in perfect condition.

Tips to remove condensation in double glazed windows

misted windows

1.    Use a hairdryer to clear mist from the window glass

It’s one of the most popular and effective hacks for removing mist from windows and doors with double glazing.

Use your hairdryer to get rid of the condensation build-up around any double glazed windows in your home. The heat from the device will immediately dry out the moisture.

You must bear in mind that using too much heat on your windows could lead to issues over time. Also, this isn’t a long-term solution to misting on double glazed window panes. If you are still facing the issue of condensation on windows, you’ll have to look at other more effective options.

2.    Use a dehumidifier in your home

Airborne moisture inside the rooms is a major culprit when it comes to condensation. Many homes and commercial properties are prone to this.

Getting a dehumidifier installed in your room will help get rid of excessive moisture and humidity, thus creating favorable conditions for preventing condensation. This can be especially useful for locations in the house where the window panes are constantly exposed to excessive moisture.

3.    Try out dehumidifying products specially designed for windows with double glazing

There are dehumidifying products available in the market that have been specially designed, keeping in mind the unique requirements of double glazed windows and doors.

These are mostly available in the form of a spray that can be easily sprayed on either side of the windows to help remove any misty buildup.

4.    Use DIY vinegar hacks to clean the glass of double-pane windows

Vinegar is a popular ingredient for cleaning double glazed windows and doors.

You can place a towel soaked in vinegar between two glass panes overnight. The vinegar will aid the absorption of moisture in the air, while the towel will create a barrier between the warm indoor air and the cold glass surface.

You could also create your own vinegar window spray by adding a cup of vinegar to a bit of warm and soapy water. This mixture can then be stored in a spray bottle that can be used to clean the frames of your aluminium windows with double glazing. All you have to do is spray this mixture onto the window surface, leave it for 10 minutes, and then use a dry and clean cloth to gently wipe away the mixture.

5.    Opt for Professional Cleaning of windows with double glazing

If you see condensation accumulating on your double or triple glazed windows regularly, it’s best to consult a glass professional.

Taking the help of a window professional is a judicious and cost-effective move; they will inspect your windows and recommend the best possible solution so that the issue can be fixed permanently.

A professional window cleaner will drill a tiny hole at the top of your windows along with the bottom section. They will then spray a cleaning solution through the top hole that gets sucked out through the hole at the bottom. Afterward, the professional will seal these holes with vent plugs, thus allowing water, vapor, and air to escape.

This method can fix double glazing condensation between the two glass units where the seal is. If there is misting inside the double glazing, it can mean that the window seal is broken. This professional measure tries to repair the seal and help avoid the seal in the future.

However, you must get your windows inspected thoroughly and consult seasoned professionals before getting this treatment done. Also, you should never try this out yourself. You might end up damaging your windows!

6.    Get the Window Seal Replaced

If you can see moisture between the two panes of a double glazed window, chances are your window seal is damaged or broken.

This signifies a fault in the double glazed unit itself; since the seal is damaged, it can no longer keep the cold out and condensation at bay. In such a scenario, you should consider getting the broken seal units replaced.

For double glazed windows and doors made of aluminium or uPVC, replacing seals shouldn’t be an issue.

Replacing broken seals is more cost-effective than having to replace the entire window. If your windows are new and there isn’t a problem with the glass panes, replacing a broken seal is the best you can do to rescue condensation.

7.    Replace Your Windows

It is the last resort.

Usually, replacing the broken seal of a double glazed unit fixes the problem of misting, but if it persists, you might want to look at getting your windows changed.

You could get away with changing just a window pane rather than having to replace the entire window. It all depends on the exact condition of your double glazed windows.

The best thing to do is consult a window specialist who will inspect your windows and then give you their assessment regarding the future measures to be taken.

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Bottom Line

Windows with double glazing can be an incredible investment for securing optimal energy efficiency and insulation. The issue of misting on window panes, however, if not addressed on time, can end up damaging the seals, and bring down the efficiency of your windows drastically.

We provided you with a detailed list of tips for removing any humidity buildup on the panes of your double glazed windows.

You must remember that no matter what measures you undertake, condensation won’t go away until the room is well-ventilated. You must open windows once in a while to allow for ventilation and have extractor fans installed in the kitchen and bathroom. 

If nothing works out, you must consult a seasoned glass professional at the earliest to save your windows from any further damage.

 If you think there is an issue with your double glazed windows, feel free to contact us immediately. We excel in the manufacturing, maintenance, and installation of thermally broken double glazed windows and doors. Our seasoned team of experts will figure out your problem and then recommend the best possible professional route to fix it.

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