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French Doors

Yes! Our french doors come double glazed to enhance your draft free, comfortable and cozy environment

French Doors in Melbourne

Our uPVC french doors will give you clean look, enhance energy efficiency and eliminate any drafts you used to have with the old doors. Same as our windows they are made from top quality European uPVC frames with clever hardware to take your comfort to the next level.

Best of all, our french doors are cat and doggy door friendly and we can add them to the configuration! While you enjoy your new doors, your little loved ones will never see the difference in their daily routine.
Multiple locking points
Multiple locking points will seal your door after turning the handle to prevent any drafts
Cat/Doggy door friendly
We can incorporate cat/doggy door into your new french door to keep your little ones happy
Rust and rot
Made from top quality European uPVC profile your doors will stay white, rust or rot free for many ears to come
Advantages and technical information
Noise reduction
Our French doors can come with uPVC panels, double or triple glazed antinoise configuration. While the standard double glazed options would already give you noticeable noise reduction, triple glazed option would provide the ultimate result
All French doors are lockable with a key like your conventional French/laundry/entry doors. You will be given keys 3 copies
Effortless maintenance
Our uPVC frame require no maintenance apart from wiping off the dust from time to time to get this brand new look every time
Australian Standards
All our French doors have been tested in a NATA accredited laboratory in Melbourne and performed almost 5 times better in some areas than the conventional aluminium doors
Steel reinforced uPVC profile will stay crisp white for years to come. Windows Republic controls every stage of the manufacturing cycle making sure that only top quality materials are used when making our French Doors
french doors melbourne
Energy efficiency
Our uPVC French Doors offer outstanding thermal qualities which will help you save hundreds on your electricity bills. Cold laundries or drafty balconies will become a thing of the past
German quality
German made hardware by Roto is used in French Doors to seal any gaps when the door is closed. When the handle is turned up, the door "sucks in" preventing any drafts
Superior insulation
Same as windows, our French Doors come with clever German hardware with multiple locking points for preventing any drafts
Our French doors can be used for balconies, laundries and act as entry doors. We can replicate the existing design or offer you various alternatives to freshen up your home
Automatic door closers are available
All french and entry/balcony doors can easily be fitted with quality German automatic door closers by Geze. Please inquire
Coloring options
You can have any colour you want as long as it is white…
+ full range of colour at your disposal
The doors come white as standard. We can laminate them or spray coat them to any colour of your choise
white, brown, black and other colors french doors melbourne
We also can make your french doors look like they are made from wood
like made from wood french doors melbourne
A few of our French Doors
I obtained a least five quotes when looking to replace my windows and doors before settling on Windows Republic; the quality of the product and the price are far and above what you would get for a similar product in Melbourne.

Alex is a really great guy to work with; he is understanding and quick to address your concerns. The people working for Windows Republic take pride in their work and they are friendly and approachable. I think that is especially important given the investment you will be making.

The windows and doors themselves are stylish and of high quality. I got them to help with the noise that was making its way into my apartment, and Windows Republic has succeeded in raising the living standard significantly.
Ascot Vale, John
Six Simple Steps to your new French Doors
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Fast manufacturing
We aim to manufacture and install your french doors within 8-12 weeks from the date deposit is received
Free delivery
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Professional installation
Multiple professional installation teams who take pride in what they do
Internal/External Decoration
Internal (plastering and painting) and external (caulking) decorative work to make sure all our customers are left with a brand new look and feel
Payment Options
We accept credit card payments with 0% surcharge
Mortgage top up
Mortgage top up
You can take advantage of the equity portion of your property to pay for your new french doors. This option allows you to increase you property value and quality of life without digging into your savings.

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French Doors FAQ
What are the French doors?
French doors are referred to as a set of one or two swinging doors. They can open either inwards or outwards. Different styles are available as well as a colonial look for those who want to preserve the old Victorian style feel
How secure are French Doors?
French doors come with a clever locking mechanism around the frame which seals the door after the handle is pushed up. Similar hardware is installed in Tilt and Turn windows. Furthermore, French doors come with a proper key lock
What configurations are available?
French doors can be double or triple glazed + have uPVC insertions in them too
Where can they be installed?
Our French doors are a popular choice for apartments, balconies, back yards and laundries. Since all doors are custom made, we never have problems when dealing with body corporates
Do the French Doors offer noise reduction?
We can supply French Doors in Triple Glazed configuration, which is a top performer in noise reduction. French doors have strong steel reinforced frames and the clever hardware prevents any drafts hence stop noise penetration from neighbors for example