The Cost of Resealing Double Glazed Windows—The complete window seal repair cost guide

Most homeowners believe that their faulty double glazed windows cannot be repaired or resealed. And in this process, they waste thousands of dollars on window replacement when they just need resealing. The top reasons you should reseal your windows are:

  1. There are draughts from the windows
  2. Visible wear, tear, or gaps around the seal
  3. There is condensation on an internal pane of the glass

But the actual average cost of resealing double windows varies. In this article, I’ll discuss the average cost of resealing your windows and the factors that can affect the cost.

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National Average Cost of Resealing Double Glazed Windows

The national average of double glazing resealing can be anywhere between $70 to $150, depending on the size and number of windows, the type of sealant, labor costs, and especially your location.

However, the final cost depends on the type of labor you need. Whether you need to replace a window sash or defog a double glazed window, a specialist can help insulate your home and put your panes in pristine condition again.

Whatever your needs are, it is always crucial to get an estimate on window resealing costs and choose the services that deem fit.

Factors that affect the cost of resealing double glazing window

The final cost of double glazed window resealing largely depends on the following factors:

Age and condition of the window

If you have older windows with considerable wear and tear, they might need more effort to reseal. Hence, the cost.

Size and number of window

Large windows require more sealant, materials, and more time to reseal. Also, if you have more than two windows to reseal, the price varies accordingly.

Type of sealant and double glazing

The cost of resealing depends on the type of double glazing windows. Some windows may require different sealant that impacts the overall cost of resealing. Similarly, some sealants are more expensive than others.

Window accessibility

The resealing cost is relatively higher if your windows are located in hard-to-reach areas, including roof or high-rise buildings. That’s because repairers may have to use additional equipment and follow safety measures.

Labor costs and repair cost

If you’re hiring a licensed and experienced professional, the costs will be higher. However, small businesses may offer some discounts to grow their business.

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Benefits of resealing double glazed windows

There are three reasons why you should consider resealing your windows— draughts, taking a leak, and condensation.

Contrary to popular belief, these issues don’t need replacing but resealing. There are several benefits of resealing your double glazed windows:

Energy efficiency

Resealing your windows will provide better insulation and help prevent air from entering the window frames. This helps reduce your heating and cooling costs and saves energy.

Superior comfort

If the seals around your windows are damaged, you will experience draughts, condensation, and unpleasant noise from outside. Resealing your windows provides a comfortable and superior environment that enhances your quality of life.

Increased lifespan

Double glazed windows are known for their durability. However, with time, when the seals are damaged, the lifespan of your windows may significantly decrease. In such cases, resealing them is the ideal option as it extends their lifespan and saves you money.

How to reseal your double-paned windows

The cost of resealing your windows at home is much lower as compared to a professional because you only need to pay for the sealant and other equipment.

As much as we discourage the idea of window seal replacement at home, it’s still possible. So, if you’re a DIY enthusiast and choose to reseal your windows yourself, here’s how to do it.

Clean the windows:

Start with a clean area around your windows. We recommend using mild soap and water solution to wipe the window frame and glass. Afterward, dry the area with a clean cloth.

Remove old sealant

Using a sharp scraper, remove the old sealant around your window edges. Make sure you do this step properly as it may damage the glass or frame.

Apply the sealant

Start with the edges of your windows and apply the bead of sealant, making sure no covers, gaps or caps are left behind. We recommend using silicone sealant as it’s flexible and waterproof.

Smooth the sealant

Using your fingers or a smoothing tool, smooth the sealant to create a neat finish and let it dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Test and repeat the resealing

Run your fingers around the edges of the window. If you feel any gaps or air leaks, reapply the sealant and repeat the process until it’s fully covered.

How often should you seal repair your windows?

Resealing is not a recurring process that needs to be done monthly or yearly. It’s advised to do periodic checks of your windows to look out for any leaks, draughts, and condensation.

With proper care and maintenance, you can go without resealing your windows for 5 years.

However, if these signs occur, you may need to reseal the windows instantly.

The first draught

This is the first sign of faulty double glazed windows. Since double glazed windows are made to provide superior insulation, any air (warm or cold) coming from outside is alarming.

The common cause of draught is broken or worn window seals. If this happens, you should reseal your windows ASAP.


Water intrusion is the second problem caused by broken window seals. Water leaking happens due to two reasons:

  1. Failed sealant between frame and window
  2. Blocked drainage section

Either way, it’s recommended to consult with a professional to reseal your windows.


If condensation occurs, it actually means your windows are doing a great job.

However, if condensation forms between the window panes, it is most likely due to a failed seal around your window panes. In most cases, replacing the seal doesn’t help. But, a professional repairer would evaluate the cause to keep your windows as energy efficient as possible.

Tips to keep your windows in good shape

If you’re tired of hiring professionals to reseal your double glazed windows, don’t worry!

Double glazed windows are durable and can survive 20 to 25 years without repair or replacement. However, with proper maintenance and care, you can ditch repairing or resealing the windows.

Here are some easy tips to keep your double glazed windows in shape.

  1. Avoid using oils to lubricate the squeaky hinges. Instead, use furniture aerosol containing silicone to increase durability.
  2. Every year, clean and oil the visible moving metal parts, especially the window hinges.
  3. Ensure no liquid is left after cleaning your windows to degrade the seals.
  4. Use a lot of cream cleanser in lukewarm water to clean white UPVC. The key is to use non-abrasive detergents.
  5. Keep a key in every room to avoid security-unlocking in the case of any emergency.
  6. Keep the drainage holes clear and clean to avoid the buildup of condensation.
  7. In case of small marks and stretches, use repair kits with the guidance of a professional


What are the cost estimates for window resealing of double glazed windows?

The total cost of resealing your windows depends on a number of factors. However, the average costs can range anywhere between $70 to $150.

How long does it take to replace a window seal?

It depends on a number of factors including the number and size of your windows, etc. However, in general, it may take at least 2 hours to reseal a window. 

How much sealant do I need for window repair?

The amount of sealant to reseal your double glazed windows depends on the number of windows and the size. In general, you would need a maximum of two cartridges of sealant to seal any regular-sized window.


What is the best type of sealant?

Silicone is the most popular sealant used to reseal your windows because it is waterproof, durable, and flexible. Also, it can withstand temperature fluctuations really well. Hence, an ideal sealant for your windows.


How do I know if my sealant needs to be replaced?

There are three possible reasons your sealant needs to be replaced.

  1. Draughts coming through your windows
  2. Mould on the sealant
  3. Condensation and leaks

Can I reseal double glazed windows at home?

Yes, you can. However, it is not recommended because professionals ensure your windows function correctly after the sealing process and act accordingly.


Even though durable and long-lasting, double glazed windows may wear, tear, and stop functioning properly after 5 years. Therefore, it is crucial to reseal them in order to save energy and money.

The average cost of resealing your double glazed windows can be anywhere between $70 to $150. However, it depends on a number of factors. If you’re a homeowner looking to reseal your windows, we recommend exploring different options and choosing a trusted window installer that suits your budget and preferences.

After all, resealing and installing double glazed windows is a life-changing process that needs great attention.

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