How much does it cost to DIY double glazed windows— DIY double glazing windows prices

Double glazed windows are a game changer if you want to save up on your bills, insulate your home, reduce noise, and increase security.

However, sometimes, the installation cost of double glazing windows may overpower all the benefits. As a result, homeowners might hesitate to invest in double glazing.

If that’s the case with you—don’t worry. Although, not recommended; there’s a low-cost way to double glaze your windows, i.e, DIY double glazing.

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DIY Double Glazing Windows Prices

The feeling of letting sunlight and air into your home in winter is surreal. But, regular single glazed windows are poor insulators and hence, lower heating and cooling loads for your home.

Most homeowners believe that double glazing is a costly investment that requires the complete replacement of windows. However, this is not true.

Depending on the condition of your windows and overall requirements, there are some low-cost double glazing options available. Nonetheless, you may have to consult an expert before choosing any option.


Applying double glazing films to existing windows:

Do you know? It costs approximately $40,000 to re-install new windows with double glazing. 

Fortunately, you can ditch these insane costs by removing the glass from your windows and putting it in new double glazing panes. Make sure the frames are in pristine condition, so you can easily apply double glazing films to existing windows.

As compared to window replacement, the entire DIY process would cost you a maximum of $800 to $900 per square meter, which is a lot cheaper than the original price of window replacement.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is also a budget-friendly option to DIY double glazing installation.

This process involves augmenting your existing windows with a second window panel of an acrylic sheet. As compared to the complete window replacement cost, this process would cost you around $1500 with promising results.

DIY stick on-film

One of the most popular DIY options for tenants is installing transparent stick-on films, such as Clear Comfort.

The stick-on film acts as a non-permanent secondary glazing and saves energy at a fraction of the cost. These DIY stick-on film kits are available in the market starting from $27.

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How to DIY double glazing windows installation

Please note: It is always recommended to consider professional installation for window double glazing for better results.

If you want to apply double glazing films yourself, you need to determine what’s currently in trend and what will suit your windows the best.

Also, notice the location of all windows or vent open-ups to decide whether you’ll need fire escapes or safety glass. Additionally, it’s important to find out if your existing windows have an outside cill because it will make the process easier for you.

Here’s how to DIY double glazed windows:

Method 1

  1. Measure your existing window frame and cut the film according to your window size.
  1. Clean the window frame with the help of a cloth.
  1. Apply the double-sided tape to the frame’s outside edge, keeping the liner in place until you are satisfied with the location before removing it.
  1. To the top of the window, lightly push the film. Make sure the film is kept taut and wrinkle-free as you move from the top of the window down the sides.
  1. The film may be tightened and shrunk by using a hair dryer. Make sure the hair dryer doesn’t contact the film as you work your way up and down the surface. Continue doing this until all creases and wrinkles are gone.
  1. To shrink and tighten the film, use a hair dryer. Make sure the hair dryer doesn’t contact the film as you work your way up and down the surface. Continue doing this until all creases and wrinkles are gone.
  1. Use scissors or a blade to cut off the extra film that is wrapping the tape’s perimeter.
  1. If necessary, the film may be wiped with a moist cloth after the installation. If you want to get rid of the film, carefully peel it off by heating the tape with a hair dryer.

Method 2

This is the simplest method to install double glazed windows yourself.

Pro tip:

If you have a number 10 drill bit, all you need to install screws are the red plugs and number 10 screws on each side into a depth of 50 mm.

  1. Fit the window into the frame where the double glazed window will be placed.
  1. Use any foam spray to secure the double glazed window in place.
  1. Fix the brickwork with brass screws.
  1. Wipe off the excess foam while placing the screws. Seal the frame on both sides.

Tips to fit double glazed windows perfectly

  1. Remember to take out the window boxes if you’re replacing a sash window with a double-glazed one.
  1. Avoid cutting the wedge gasket too short while putting it in place if you need to install one inside the house. Start from each end and leave a space of approximately one inch, if you can. The gasket may then be placed in loops with ease.
  1. Select the kind of double-glazed window for your home based on the climate there. Install windows that will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer if you live in a chilly climate.

DIY vs. Professional Installation: Complete Analysis

If you’re wondering whether installing double glazed windows is a viable option, this post will clear all your doubts.

We’ll list the pros and cons of DIY installation vs. professional installation to help you make a prompt decision.

Pros of DIY Installation

  1. Cost efficiency: Going for the DIY option saves you a lot of money. You will ditch all the installation costs, labor costs, and much more. The only purchase you have to make is getting the full-frame replacement windows at retail value from the vendor of your choice.

2. Creative freedom: It’s your home, after all. So, you should select the windows of your choice and style. Unfortunately, some professionals may hinder your creative freedom by giving unwanted suggestions. The DIY approach gives you complete autonomy to go for any style you want.

3. Skill development: You develop a life skill by fitting replacement windows the first time. Next time, when you shift to a new place or your windows need a little repairing, you know what to do.

Cons of DIY Installation

  1. Tools and equipment costs: If you think that the DIY window installation just costs you the window’s price, think again! Such a difficult process as DIY double glazing window installation requires special tools and equipment that may cost a lot of money.
  1. Long and tedious task: If you’re not a DIY professional, chances are it will take you forever to do your job. Therefore, It’s crucial to weigh the money you will save by performing the installation yourself against the cost of your labor.
  1. Risk of potential blunders: If you’ve never installed windows before, you may run the risk of a bad installation standard. Even DIY professionals and skilled workers make blunders because this project requires attention to detail and expertise.

Is DIY window installation the right choice for me?

DIY window installation may save you time and money, but it’s not for everyone. Also, installing your own windows is risky and may cost you, even more, to make up for the damage. Therefore:

DIY window installation is not for you if:

  1. You have zero experience in property DIY.
  2. If you have zero knowledge of industry tools and installation procedures.
  3. You have no time to learn and research the skills needed to do this job.

Pros of Professional Installation

  1. High quality work: Hiring a professional gives you the advantage of getting high quality work in a definite time frame. The energy efficiency of your new windows will also be retained and they will be more secure and durable.
  1. Guaranteed work: If you hire a professional for windows installation, chances are you’ll get a guarantee. If any inconvenience or accident happens, you can contact the business anytime to fix the issues.
  1. Low-risk installation: As compared to a DIY enthusiast, professional glaziers are aware of the industry tools and processes. Therefore, they are less likely to damage floors or other surfaces on your property. Even if they do, they will compensate at no additional cost to you.
  1. Quick and effective work: Since the professionals know their job with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools, they will quickly and effectively do their job.
  1. Custom window sizes and styles: If you want a particular size or style of window that is not readily available in the market, a professional business will arrange it for you according to your preferences.

Cons of Professional Installation

  1. High costs: Unlike DIY installation, you need to cover the labor costs and other transport costs. To find out how much the window installation costs, you can get a free quote from any company and choose the one that fits your needs.
  1. Tight schedule: If you choose a reputable, famous company, you will have to fit into their tight schedule. Also, sometimes, you may have to wait longer than expected for window installation.
  1. Making the wrong decision: If you make a wrong decision and choose a company with a bad reputation, you run the danger of your windows being poorly installed.

Is Professional window installation the right choice for me?

Although a bit costly, choosing a professional window installation company always gives you desirable results with minimum risks.

 Therefore, if you’re wondering whether you should go for professional installation, you definitely should, if:

  1. You want to have well-fitted windows with a quick and efficient installation process.
  2. You want little to no inconvenience.
  3. If you want your work with a 100% guarantee or warranty.
  4. You don’t want to pay for the damage during the installation process.


DIY window installation sounds exciting and fun if you have the right knowledge, tools, and skills to carry out the job.

Choosing the DIY route or hiring a professional completely depends on your individual and personal circumstances. However, it’s always best to consult with a window professional for sound advice, tips, and tricks to proceed with the DIY process.

However, if you don’t have the required tools, knowledge, and skills, then hiring a professional replacement fitter is the most viable option as they will:

  1. Fit your windows nicely and neatly.
  2. There will be minimal disruption and a 100% guarantee or warranty
  3. You will get incredible after-sales customer service to address your concerns or issues, if any.

Just make sure to choose a professional company with great reviews and recommendations for maximum benefits.


1.      How long do double glazed windows last?

Depending on the materials used and aftercare, the double glazed windows will last you for at least 25 years.

2.     How much does double glazing cost per square Meter in Australia?

The replacement double glazing windows and glass will cost you anywhere between $1200 to $1500 per square meter in Australia.

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