Double Glazed windows, a win for the environment!

Sustainable living and environmental consciousness has become a heavily talked about topic these days. With the majority of us making a conscious effort to make better choices for our planet in all aspects of our life whether it be the food we eat, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, our general lifestyle choices are changing and for the better! Double glazed windows are another fantastic way we can take a few steps forward.

The Construction industry is huge, and as the population grows and evolves so does this
industry. If you’re trying to make sustainably smart choices when building your next home, office, or any building, double glazed windows are absolutely an option to explore! Renovating, upgrading or replacing existing windows is also a great opportunity to start moving to double glazed windows.

But why move to double glazed windows? Here’s a few of the Sustainable benefits of moving to the Glazed Side.

Saving on Energy and Gas

Double Glazed windows are a proven effective way of trapping heat inside. This means you
wont need to have your heaters pumping all winter long, saving you dramatically on your
electricity and gas bills. Double Glazed windows have an insulating layer of gas in between both panes of glass that prevents air from passing through, this means hot air stays inside for longer, vice versa when using air conditioning, this cool air also stays inside. Double glazed windows therefore help to keep buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Reducing your need to rely on heating and cooling systems, lowering your bills and reducing your environmental footprint

Reducing sun damage – minimizing need to replace and repair

Double glazed windows also offer a slight tint, this helps to protect your building’s interior from sun damage. Sun damage can lead to issues like colour fade and discolouration, to paint work, furniture, materials … pretty much everything!

Double glazed windows will help slow down sun damage, this means less paint jobs, furniture upgrades and slowing down the general aging of your home and what lives inside of it. Essentially Double glazed windows can help us look after the things we own and slow down as consumers.

Recyclable Material

Glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material, this means it is a great material to choose to
construct with. The Strength of double glazed windows, along with their fantastic insulation
added benefit of tint, means that many builds are choosing to use double Glazed windows for a greater proportion of their build.

Having more windows in our buildings means that a greater percentage of our constructions are recyclable. Before double glazed windows though, opting for a majority of a building to be windows was not a sensible choice, due to them being easy to break, poor insulation drafts and creating loud and noisy homes and buildings.

Double glazed windows offer noise cancellation, fantastic insulation and are extremely difficult to break. This means Double Glazed windows are the perfect option when looking to build a space that is made with a large number of windows. Once these materials have served their time they are able to be broken back down and reused over and over again.

Less need for paint – reducing air pollution

Paints are a huge contributor to air pollution, Choosing to opt for large windowed spaces with double glazed windows need less spaces that are needing to be painted. The fact that
double glazed windows also assist in reducing sun damage means that those spaces that are painted require touch ups less often. This means you are reducing your need to use paint, which has been listed as one of the top 5 environmental hazards. Helping not only our planet but your own lungs! Using double Glazed windows will help to make our buildings more environmentally friendly as well as an all round healthier place to be.

It’s time to add sustainability to your pros list when it comes to deciding on Double Glazed
windows. Double glazed windows are the right choice to make for our planet, our health and our wallets!

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