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Double Glazed Windows

Save up to 30% on power bills with our little maintenance uPVC tilt and turn double glazed windows

Double Glazed Windows

This is a classic uPVC Double Glazed Windows offer that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. You can choose between fixed, tilt and turn, tilt only, turn only options. All windows are custom made to your requirements.
Energy Efficiency
Impressive U-value of 1.9. Our double glazed windows can reduce your energy bills by up to 35%
Glass Unit
5x14x5 insulated glass unit by Guardian Glass Industries – leading American and European glass manufacturer
Low Maintenance
Durable uPVC frame with Titanium Dioxide premix to withstand Australian sun. Ideal for coastal areas
Advantages and technical information
Low maintenance
You will not need to paint or sand your uPVC double glazed frames. Just occasionally oil the hardware and wipe clean the frames when and as required
Meets Australian Standards
Our frames, glass and hardware components are compliant with Australian Standard 2047 and 1288. What's more is that uPVC is 100% recyclable
The use of Titanium dioxide, also known as Titanium White ensures our double glazed windows maintain their white colour
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Save the energy
You can save money on your energy bills because you won't need to pay extra heating or cooling expenses. Double glazing will help you maintain comfortable temperature throughout the house
German hardware
German hardware by Roto which is designed to go above 20000 operating cycles
60mm and 70mm uPVC profiles are reinforced with galvanized steel of 1.5 mm (+/-0.1mm) to provide extra security and withstand extreme weather conditions
Thermal qualities
Double glazed windows with Low-E glass provide optimal thermal efficiency with a low U-value of 1.9
Additional benefits
All openable windows come with free fly screens as standard
Coloring options
We are able to spray coat our windows in line with your design aspirations, using quality German coating by Zobel
We can also laminate our profile to a range of colours using Renolit lamination, either from inside, outside, or both
custom made double glazed windows color melbourne
We can make your uPVC double glazed windows look like they are made from timber
brown and black double glazed windows melbourne
Completed Project
Very professional, competitive pricing, 5 star product... what more could you ask for! We have used over 30 different trades for our renovation and by far these guys are the best.

They are super reliable, extreamly passionate about finding tailored solutions and are super clean. They are all about end-to-end experience so not only source the best product from overseas but also hire registered builders to install them and painters to ensure everything looks top notch at the end.

Worth every penny. Alex and Vlad are increadible.
Pascoe Vale, Emma
Six Simple Steps to your new Double Glazed Windows
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Fast manufacturing
We aim to manufacture and install your double glazed windows within 8-12 weeks from the date deposit is received
Free delivery
Free of charge delivery around Melbourne and surrounding suburbs
Professional installation
Multiple professional installation teams who take pride in what they do
Internal/External Decoration
Internal (plastering and painting) and external (caulking) decorative work to make sure all our customers are left with a brand new look and feel
Payment Options
We accept credit card payments with 0% surcharge
Mortgage top up
Mortgage top up
You can take advantage of the equity portion of your property to pay for your new double glazed windows. This option allows you to increase you property value and quality of life without digging into your savings.

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Double Glazed Windows FAQ
Are you thinking about improving thermal efficiency of your home?
Then, as the first step, consider better insulation around your house, be it roof/wall/ceiling insulation, single glazed windows, fans and vents, or other causes.

In winter, an average Australian home can lose up to 40% of its heating energy through windows and gain twice more in summer or up to 87% (Source:

To put this in perspective, it is useful to compare U-values of common window types found in Melbourne today. With windows, the lower the U-value the better window insulates against heat.

Typical single glazed aluminium window with 3mm glass has a U-value of 7.4
Typical single glazed timber window with 3mm glass has a U-value of 5.5
Windows Republic uPVC double glazed window with Low-E glass has a U-value of 1.9
What are Double Glazed Windows?
Double glazed windows have two panes of glass with a spacer; which are also called insulated glass unit (IGU).
How does it work?
Two layers of glass create a so-called thermal break and reduce both, percentage of heat from coming in and escaping out. Performance glass such as low emissivity glass (Low-E), allows to improve thermal performance of a window even further.
Why single glazed windows are a thing of the past?
Besides inferior thermal performance, single glazed windows provide little protection against heat, cold, noise, and condensation.
How effective are Windows Republic uPVC double glazed windows in terms of noise reduction?
Windows Republic double glazed windows in Melbourne will noticeably reduce street noise compared to the conventional single glazed windows. However, for houses facing busy roads, better results can be achieved with Windows Republic Triple Glazed Antinoise windows
How much do Windows Republic double glazed windows cost?
Windows Republic double glazed windows will cost you slightly more than single glazed aluminium windows, however the difference in cost will be covered by a short payback period of 2-3 years in energy costs. We are also one of the most cost effective companies in Australia and offer a 5% price beat guarantee on other double glazing quotes.
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