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Low-E glass windows

Enhance your double glazed windows with Low Emissivity glass for superior insulating qualities.

Low-U value windows

Step up from our classic double glazed offer by upgrading one of the glass panes to a Low Emisivity glass by Guardian Industries.

Low E glass has special coating, which cannot be picked up by human eye and acts as a mirror reflecting heat back inside during winter and outside during summer.

This option will make your windows even more energy efficient
Energy Efficiency
With an impressive U-value of 1.7; Our double glazed windows can reduce your energy bills by up to 35%.
Low-E Glass
5mm x 14mm x 4mm Low-E glass unit from Guardian Industries – leading American and European glass manufacturer
Maintenance Free
Durable uPVC frame with Titanium Dioxide premix. Made to withstand the Australian sun, ideal for coastal areas.

Low-E glass filters radiation from the sun and reduces solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), helping to keep your house cooler in summer.

Additionally, Low-E coated glass blocks unwanted ultraviolet radiation and reflects away the long-wave infrared radiation that can add heat to the inside of your home

Low U value glass takes on new responsibility in winter months, blocking the heat inside of your home from getting out. In cold weather, you spend your energy dollars on generating long-wave radiation, as in heat from an oil heater.

That heat moves toward your cooler windows, but Low U value glass acts like a mirror, reflecting it back inside preventing condensation and saving you money from heat loss!
low e glass windows
Advantages and technical information
Minimal maintenance
uPVC material does not require painting or any surface maintenance. It will stay white for years to come. Parts of the hardware might require occasional drops of oil.
All our products have been tested in the local NATA accredited laboratories to fully satisfy AS 2047.
Colour stability
Windows Republic controls uPVC pre-mix to make sure that the windows will not discolour and stay robust under the Australian sun.
low e glass windows melbourne
Energy savings
Slash up to 35% of your electricity bills with double glazed windows with Low-E coating. Inefficient windows are the major contributor towards internal heat loss and heat gain.
German Engeneering
German hardware by SIEGENIA which is designed to go above 20000 operating cycles.
Galvanised steel reinforced frames and sashes for structural integrity with up to 13 locking points. This makes it almost impossible to break in. For extra security you can upgrade to our security glass.
Stable internal temperature
Low Emissivity coating would reflect back solar heat during summer and internal heat during winter, keeping the house temperature stable.
Fitted Fly-screens
All our windows come with fly screens as standard. They get fixed on the outside and never get in your way.
Coloring options
Windows Republic can mix and match any colour of your choice (external application only)
Customers can choose from 40,000 different colouring options to satisfy any design aspirations and ideas as well as adhering to any body corporate requirements
colored low e glass windows melbourne
Alternatively, we can make your Low-E glass windows look like they are made from real timber (inside and outside)
energy saving glass windows
Recent low-e glass Work
Alex and the team did a great job installing new windows and a back door. The look is great and also feels very secure.

Look forward to the winter months when I get to enjoy the thermal qualities also. When asbestos needed to be removed from the eaves they got quotes and arranged everything, and confirmed with me before starting.

I will be recommending them to my friends
Box Hill South, Daniel
Six Simple Steps to your new Low-E Windows
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Mortgage top up
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Low-E glass windows FAQ
What does Low emissivity (Low-E) glass do/mean?
Low-emissivity glass (in short low-e glass) is a type of energy-efficient glass developed for increasing windows performance by stopping the head escaping through the glass.

Low-e glass has a special coating applied to its surface on a molecular level to dramatically reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. It is ideal for north facing windows. The coating is invisible to human eyes making it an ideal choice for households.
What does u-value mean?
U-value indicates the level of heat transmission or the amount of heat escaping during winter through your windows. U-value ratings normally range between 1.3 (passive housing) and 10 W/m2.K for Australian products. Therefore, the lower the value, the better your windows are performing and less heat loss occurs during winter or heat gain during summer.

The U-value for conventional single glazed aluminium awing windows is 6+ while Windows Republic double glazed windows deliver exceptional performance of 1.7, which means that our product is multiple times better and more efficient than your single glazed windows.
What does SHGC stand for?
SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) measures how effectively your windows block the sun radiation, which causes the heat inside your home during summer. SHGC is expressed as a number between 0 and 1. Same as above, the lower the number, the better your windows are performing during summer. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient for our double glazed windows with Low-E glass is 0.431