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Sliding Doors

Our luxury European design Patio sliding doors can tilt
like a window and slide like a door

Patio Tilt and Slide Doors in Melbourne

Most conventional sliding doors are designed to have two panels within one frame, parallel to each other. Such configuration offers little thermal efficiency, is prone to air leakage and, as a result, outside noise.

Our luxury Patio Tilt and Slide Doors have two separate frames. The sliding door unit sits within its own frame and when closed, locks in up to 13 points around the frame. Once the sliding door unit is locked there is almost no draft, air leakage, and minimum noise coming through.
Multiple locking points
Multiple locking points will seal your sliding door like a window substantially reducing drafts and noise penetration
Tilt option available
The whole door can be tilted, just like our tilt and turn windows, to get some fresh air in without fully opening the door
Rust and rot free
Made from top quality European uPVC profile; your doors will stay white, rust or rot free for many years to come
Advantages and technical information
Noise reduction
Our Sliding Doors can come in a double or triple glazed configuration, which is the top performer when it comes to noise reduction
70mm uPVC reinforced with galvanized steel of 1.5 mm to provide extra security and withstand extreme weather conditions
Low maintenance
uPVC material does not rust or rot plus it does not require painting so the doors will keep its original condition for many years to come
Australian Standards
The tilt and slide doors have also been successfully tested in Australia for compliance reasons
The use of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in our top grade uPVC protect the frames from discoloring or turning yellow plus keeps the plastic robust
double glazed sliding doors melbourne
Energy efficiency
Spend less money on heating and cooling while enjoying the benefits of a quiet, draught free, comfortable environment. Our Tilt and Slide doors outperform conventional sliding doors because the sliding sash sits within its own frame as opposed to merely touching a fixed panel
Quality German hardware
German hardware ROTO is guaranteed to perform for at least 20,000 operating cycles
Thermal qualities
Our double or triple glazed configuration with Low-E glass option provides optimal thermal efficiency for your sliding doors
All our products, including Tilt and Slide doors are custom made to fit your requirements and design aspirations
Fly Screens
All Tilt and Slide doors come with an external swinging fly screens which operates like a door. It can open 180 degrees to not get in the way
Coloring options
Like all our products, sliding doors can be coated to the colour of your choice from the outside or laminated on both sides
One of many advantages of our sliding doors is that lamination or color coating option can be applied to one side only. If people choose external colouring, they typically leave inside white to keep the clean look
colored patio doors melbourne
Or we can make your sliding doors in Melbourne look like they are made from wood
wooden sliding patio doors melbourne
Patio sliding doors projects
Great service and engagement from start to finish. Alex and his team are professional and customer focused. Well done on making this such an easy engagement.

I am completely satisfied with the results.
Peter, Prahran
Six Simple Steps to your new sliding doors
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Payment Options
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Mortgage top up
Mortgage top up
You can take advantage of the equity portion of your property to pay for your new sliding doors. This option allows you to increase you property value and quality of life without digging into your savings.

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Sliding Doors Advantages
How do our Tilt and Slide doors perform in comparison to conventional sliding doors?
Tilt and Slide doors have two positions – they can be titled like a window inwards, or they can slide like a normal sliding door. The sliding rails are situated on the inside of the frame so they never collect dirt and leafs.

Furthermore, the sliding sash sits within its own frame and locks at 13 points around the frame making it draft free. The conventional sliding doors simply slide along each other and the insulation is limited to the side brush, which merely touches the frame letting the cold air and the noise in
Where can they be installed?
They can be installed instead of your conventional sliding doors or in place of the French doors. Windows Republic have even made doors out of windows for peoples kitchens and bedrooms
Do they reduce noise?
Tilt and slide doors like any our product can come in a triple glazed configuration to provide ultimate noise reduction results
Can you incorporate doggy/cat door?
We can add a uPVC panel into either a moving sash or into a fixed panel where the doggy door is getting fixed into